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Sandy’s Harvest


I plant, water, weed and grow the most lovely smelling and tasting plants that endure our short but sublime growing season. I also work with local cedar distillers and trappers to garner some of our regions most exotic and alluring scents. All of these natural gifts are gathered and prepared for inclusion in regionally inspired perfumes and complimentary products that I design and market regionally. My hope is that many will enjoy their simple mountain charm.

In the mid- late summer plants are harvested and dried, scents are extracted and stored for inclusion in our beautiful farm based product line in celebration of all things Adirondack! As former owner of Sunfeather Natural Soap Company, I have enjoyed many years of creating fine soaps and bodycare for national distribution. I hope you will enjoy this natural extension of my work as I create a new life chapter “The Adirondack Fragrance & Flavor Farm” located in the northern corner of the Adirondack Park… a place I have called home for over 30 years!
Sandy Maine, Adirondack Fragrance and Flavor Farm



Handmade Soaps

We do Custom Design Work

Our experienced team of production workers, product development and customer service people strive to bring you the beautiful products that are the lifeblood of your business.
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Sandy Maine at Adrondack Fragrance and Flavor Farm

A Fragrant Mission

We develop lucrative Fragrance and Flavor Products that relate to the history, flora, fauna, and landscapes of Northern NY and the Adirondack Region. We develop partnerships with growers, producers, and sellers to expand distribution of local products and create livelihoods.