COVID 19 Care Products - Retail

Our business is remaining open as we fall under the essential business category of manufacturing safety and sanitizing products.
Our employees are working in isolation to produce hand sanitizers and hand soaps.
All safety practices mandated by the CDC are being followed.

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  • COVID – Hand Safety & Care Kit

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  • Spray cleaner CDC Recomended Adk fragrance farm site

    COVID Care Spray Cleaner – 15.5 oz

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  • Face masks

    Washable – reusable Face Mask

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  • Hand sanitizer

    NEW SIZE! COVID Care Hand Sanitizer – 8 oz

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  • COVID Care Hand Balm

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  • Bar Soap Saponified oils of sunflower, canola, coconut and olive with essential oils of thyme, clove, eucalyptus & sage.

    COVID Care Bar Soap

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  • COVID Care Hand Sanitizer – 3.75 oz

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  • Adirondack Hand Sanitizer

    COVID Care Hand Sanitizer – 2 oz

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