Adirondack Artisan Perfume – Milkweed Flower

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Adirondack Artisan Milkweed Blossom perfume is artful blends from essences gathered from local forests, rivers and fields of the Adirondack Fragrance & Flavor Farm and processed by traditional as well as modern methods.
These gifts of the great north woods are then artfully blended, aged, and beautifully packaged for all to enjoy!
Artisan  Perfume – 1 oz  Unit Price: $25.00   4/Case Pack: $100.00


Milkweed Flower Natural Perfume Ingredients: Spring water, organic alcohol, essential oil & natural parfume, Asclepias syriaca (milkweed flower) & Ribes nigrum (black currant leaf) tincture from the ADK Fragrance & Flavor Farm.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 in

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    karin boris

    We have milkweed growing in abundance around my neighborhood and each year, it just intoxicates me when they bloom in June. This year, I decided to search out milkweed perfume. Adirondack was THE ONLY one available. I LOVE it! The scent is less ‘green’ and ‘fresh’ than the real thing, imo. I feel as though there are more spicy/warm notes but it’s wonderful nonetheless. VERY long lasting! I will purchase more. We also received a sample stick of the Vanilla-Balsam scent and it is STILL scenting our bathroom nearly two weeks later! Thank you

    July 7, 2020
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